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A group of Stanton Elementary School students are doing what they can to spread kindness by creating their own organization.

Sixth-graders Isabela Norori, Savannah Grimes, Memphis Goad and Alexis Phelps have formed The Miracle Club in September after attending an assembly featuring Mr. Peace, a national motivational speaker who shared a message of positivity. His presentation inspired the students to deter bullying and support their peers and the community, and with some guidance from Saline Township Police Officer Liz McCall, the school resource officer, the group is gaining members and planning to raise funds for various causes.

“In the bullying presentation, [Mr. Peace] showed an ‘M’ [in the lines of] your palm and we thought it was cool,” said Norori, adding that it could stand for the word “miracle” or, when upside down, is a W for the word “worthy.”

The program shared how students could be the miracle and it struck a chord with the sixth-graders.

“It inspired us to start our own club. We had lunch with Officer Liz and she’s helped us,” Norori continued.

Their idea received extra backing from Principal Matt Shepherd and signup lists were posted to gather members. Names are being added and the club’s founders have a bevy of ideas to spread kindness both inside and outside of school.

“We want to talk to other kids [about] being nice to other people,” added Grimes.

Plans remain in their infancy, but Phelps noted that they also wanted to address bullying and Goad said eventual hopes were to form a club at the high school. Other ideas included raising funds for local charity and even the school PTO to help provide activities. Officer McCall said the students were excited about their venture and it was wonderful to witness their enthusiasm.

“I think it’s a good idea. It’s great to have kids step up and want to change things and want to get involved,” she said.