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Edison Local 2.1 Emergency Renewal Levy Q & A

“Investing in Our Future”

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, the renewal of our existing 2.1 Emergency Operating levy will be on the ballot. Passing the renewal will generate $1,049,150 each year. It will allow us to build facilities to have all of our extra-curricular activities on the campus of Edison High School.

Passing the levy does “NOT” increase taxes for our community.

1.     Why is it called an “emergency levy”?

The levy was initially passed as an “emergency” levy in 1994. For that reason, the word “emergency” must remain as part of the tax levy renewal wording, or it would have to be put back on the ballot as a new levy.

2.     What is an emergency levy?

An emergency levy is a property tax that serves as a limited operating levy proposed for a specific dollar amount. Because the dollar amount of taxes charged by the levy must stay constant, the millage rate increases or decreases, and property values change. Because it deals with specific dollar amounts, the emergency levy provides no growth on personal tangible or public utility property if the value goes up. Emergency levies may be renewed for the dollar amount originally requested.

3.     How long has this levy been in place?

This levy was approved by voters of our school district in November 1994 and first placed on the tax list in 1995.

4.     If the levy passes how will the money be used?

The funds generated from this levy will help to build facilities on the campus of Edison High School. This includes a new 1500 seat gymnasium with indoor track on the second level, which will be utilized for other events, such as graduation. New baseball/softball fields and newly paved parking areas at Edison High School are also planned.

5.     What are the options when a limited levy expires?

Ohio law generally allows districts to ask voters to renew a limited levy when it expires. The levy must be for the same purpose and is renewed at the effective millage rate. This does not cost the taxpayer any additional money.

6.     Why is the term of the levy seven (7) years as opposed to five (5)?

The term of the levy was changed from 5 years to 7 years to allow for a separation between the 5.9 mil renewal levy, which was on ballot November 2018, and the 2.1 mil emergency renewal levy which is on the ballot November 2019.  The change in the term will not increase the amount of taxes you will pay. 


7.     What happens if the renewal levy does not pass?

If the levy doesn’t pass, the facilities will not be built. If the levy fails and future levies have to be placed on the ballot in the future, voters who qualify for the 12.5% Homestead Rollback exemption will be required to pay 100% of the tax bill, as opposed to 87.5% as they currently do. This is due to a new law that was passed in September 2013 changing the homestead exemption rule.

8.     What is the Homestead Rollback Exemption?  

Ohio law defines as an owner’s dwelling and up to one acre of land. The income threshold for 2019 is $32,800.

9.     Who qualifies Homestead Rollback Exemption? 

A certain percentage of the homestead qualifies is considered exempt from taxes. Homeowners who meet certain conditions, such as being 65 years old, a veteran or disabled.

10.  How will the levy renewal appear on the ballot?

Issue10: Proposed Tax Levy (Renewal) Edison Local School District

Shall a levy renewing an existing levy be imposed by the Edison Local School District for the purpose of providing for the emergency requirements of the school district in the sum of $1,049,150 and a levy of taxes to be made outside of the ten-mill limitation estimated by the county auditor to average 2 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to $0.20 for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for 7 years, commencing in 2020, first due in calendar year 2021?


Please contact Superintendent Bill Beattie ( with the subject line “LEVY QUESTION” for other details or questions regarding the upcoming renewal levy. He can also be reached at (740) 282-0065 extension 1100.