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As we close the book on Cartwright Field, who was Bill Cartwright?

    As we prepare to close Cartwright Field, I thought it might be a good time to remind people who Bill Cartwright was.

    A 1932 graduate of Miami of Ohio, Bill excelled at football and is considered by many to be the greatest  player of all time at the University.  That’s quite a compliment considering that Miami has been the home of players such as Weeb Ewbank, Ara Parseghain, Paul Brown, Bo Schembechler, Ben Roethlisberger and others.

    The accomplishments of “Catchproof Cartwright” or the “Buckeye Bullet” as Bill was called can be found on the Miani University Hall of Fame website but I’ll point out just a couple.  In a game vs Ohio Wesleyan Bill scored on runs of 78, 90 and 92 yards while amassing a total of 344 yards.  In another game against Ashland he scored five touchdowns and kicked an extra point accounting for a total of 31 points.

    Mr. Cartwright came to Jefferson Union where he served as the school’s industrial arts teacher and athletic director.  He had a tremendous love for the students and took great pride in his school.  On one fateful day in 1970, Bill suffered a massive heart attack and passed away while working in the press box preparing for a game that night.    As a resident of Bergholz, he left behind a wife and two daughters.

    Over time legends grew as “strange” things would happen in the big old building where Bill had spent so much time.  A locker that had been jammed would mysteriously work perfectly or a door would conveniently swing open as someone approached with an armful of supplies.  Students would walk down the hall late at night and hear noises that might otherwise creep out a high school student but in this building the “ghost” of Mr. Cartwright would watch over and protect the ones that he had loved so much.