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First-graders at John Gregg Elementary took advantage of the 2-2-22 dateline to create a tuck-away time capsule. The capsule will be opened when they become high school seniors. Teachers Haley Hashbargar and Melissa Trimmer received messages about doing a project and students provided information about their favorite things and what they want to be when they grow up. The capsule would be unveiled on March 3, 2033 (3-3-33). Pictured are, front from left, Kyler Blancato, Preslie Sears, Tucker Berardinelli, Jacob Crites, Landon Hayes, Chase Blancato, Kendall McElroy, Jackson Mozingo, Lydia Byron and Liam Monigold. Second row: Bree Hilderbrand, Leland White, Annabelle Clutter, Raelynn Hudson, Talon Glover, Jayce Miles, Khloee Clancey, Dakota McCoy, Christian McCain and Jayden Chase. Third row: Melissa Trimmer, Colton Seaburn, Julia Crawford, Isabel Wood, Paige Gump, Caleb Alvis, Keith Miller, Olivia Rees, Isabella Diley, Daviona Marcus, Lucas Hileman, Bentley Miller, Brantley Miller, Harper Mills and Haley Hashbarger. Back: Izabellah Tanley, Elijah Cooley, Bode Berardinelli, Henry Bernhart, Greyson Butcher, Kelsie Granatir, Gemma Fuller, Brantley Hinkle, Sylas Trimmer and Lincoln Cooper.