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Stanton Elementary students are showing solidarity with the Ukraine by raising funds for the war-torn country.

   Fifth graders Isabella Boniey, Adreanna Delbruzzi and Sophia Delbruzzi will be collecting money from March 23-25 which will be donated to charity to support the eastern European country amid the Russian invasion. They said they were inspired to help by watching news broadcasts and learning of the tragic situation.

  “On the news, things are exploding and homes are gone,” said Isabella. “It’s really sad.”

   “We feel really bad that they don’t have clothes, food or anything and homes are destroyed,” added Adreanna.

    “We are doing this fundraiser for the Ukraine,” Sophia noted, adding that posters were being created to publicize the campaign.

   They approached teacher Ginger Bloomer, who was moved by their compassion. Bloomer said a letter was created informing parents of the moneymaker and she and Stanton Principal Shannah Scotch were researching organizations to benefit from the contributions.

   “I was surprised but also excited because they were excited about it,” said Bloomer. “I got on Facebook and asked friends to give me ideas on who to send the money to. I have 10 organizations and the principal and I will narrow it down to one to send the donations.”

   She said parents will also be asked to spread the word on social media and the winning homeroom class will receive an ice cream party as a reward.

   Meanwhile, the young organizers said every little bit makes a difference and they hoped to make a difference.

   “It’s a nice feeling,” said Isabella.