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Wildcat Boys Down Big Red on the Track

The Edison boys defeated Steubenville Big Red Thursday night in Indian League action by a score of 75-44.

the Girls battled but came up short 46-77.

Pacing the boys team were the 4×100, 4×200, and 4×400 relay teams who all picked up victories over Big Red.

Placing for the Boys were:

Decker Lancaster–1st 100m, 1st 200m, 3rd LJ

Talan McClurg–2nd 200m

Wyatt Russel–3rd 200m

Max McConnell–3rd 400m

Gage Cable–2nd 800m, 2nd 1600m

Liam Westfall–3rd 800m, 3rd 3200m

Brock Koehnlein–3rd 1600m, 2nd 3200m

Matt Evans–1st 110mH, 1st 300H

Jaycee Blake–2nd 110mH

Andrew Kirkman–2nd 300mH, 2nd LJ

Joey Simpson–1st Shot

JJ Riley–2nd Shot

4×100 1st–Kirkman, Lancaster, Russell, McClurg

4×200 1st–Kirkman, Lancaster, Waggoner, McClurg

4×400 1st–McConnell, Blake, Cable, Evans

4×800 1st–McConnell, Westfall, Waggoner, Cable

Placing for the Girls:

Hailey Teichman–2nd 200m, 2nd 400m

Kaylee Summers–1st 400m, 3rd LJ

Kendra Teichman–1st 800m

Kennedy Baker–3rd 800m, 2nd 1600m

Josie Lesnansky–1st 1600m, 1st 3200m

Jenna Kelley–3rd 1600m, 3rd 300mH

Nadia DeNoon–2nd Shot

Miley Thomas–3rd Shot

Adali Reynolds–2nd Disc

Lena Wagner–3rd Disc

4x400m 1st–Teichman, Teichman, Summers, Faith Bell

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