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JH Track Finishes 2nd in Quad

Junior High Girls and Boys Track finishes 2nd place Quad Meet against Weirton – Indian Creek – Weirton Madonna (BMC). This was the final home track meet for the Junior High Track Team of Edison Local Schools.  Thank you to our administration, staff, officiating crew, families, and athletes for a positive representation at the Edison Unified Sports Complex!

Girls overall scores:

Edison Wildcats 59, Weirton 75, Indian Creek 49, Junior Dons 38

Boys overall scores:

Edison Wildcats 60, Weirton 98, Junior Dons 34, Indian Creek 25

Girls Placers:

Amelia Ault – 2nd in 4×8, 2nd in 4×4

Annie Board – 1st in 800, 3rd in 200, 2nd in 4×8

Leila Cable – 1st in 200 Hurdles,  2nd in 4×4, 2nd in 4×8

Bella Cronin – 2nd in 200, 1st in 4×2

Alivia Hanlin – 4th in 100, 5th in 200, 1st in 4×2

Alison Kireta – 3rd in 100, 1st in 400, 1st in Long Jump

Lacie Pelley – 1st in High Jump, 1st in 4×2

Leila Sudvary – 5th in 1600, 2nd in 4×8, 2nd in 4×4

Layla White – 5th in 100, 1st in 4×2, 2nd in 4×4

Boys Placers:

Wyatt Bernhart – 2nd in 4×2, 5th in Long Jump

Aidan Busby – 2nd in Shot Put, 2nd in Discus

Gabe Call – 3rd in 110 Hurdles, 4th in 200 Hurdles, 2nd in 4×8

Bryson Cunningham – 5th in 400, 1st in 4×4, 2nd in 4×8

Knox Fowler – 3rd in 400, 2nd in 4×2

Gavin Furmanski – 2nd in 4×2, 1st in 4×4

Nathan Green – 4th in 100, 2nd in 200, 2nd in High Jump

Dominic Grim – 2nd in 4×2

Ronnie Hinerman – 3rd in Discus, 5th in Shot Put

Nathanael Kline II – 2nd in 800, 2nd in 1600, 2nd in 4×8

Irvin Roman – 2nd in 4×8

Jeremy Simpson – 4th in Long Jump

Ricky Sinsel – 5th in 200, 1st in 4×4, 3rd in Shot Put

Ronnie White – 1st in 4×4

Full Results available at:

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