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EHS Paint Project Complete

Edison High School proudly announces the completion of the exterior painting project, the final phase in a series of renovations that have been undertaken over the last few years. This project brings uniformity to the campus as all its main structures now match the traditional school colors of black and gray.

The plan to paint the high school was put in place by the school board in November 2022 as a way to complete the updates to the campus. The successful execution of the painting this summer represents the culmination of a determined effort to enhance the school’s appearance and functionality.

Edison High School’s renovation journey has not only transformed the physical structures but has also energized the spirit of everyone involved. As students return to school, they will be welcomed by a refreshed and revitalized environment that honors the past while looking forward to a promising future.

Find a timelapse and feature video below showing off the process of the transformation as well as the astounding finished product.

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