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Edison Cross Country Crushes Hills and Defeats Indian Creek, Big Red, and Catholic Central

At the first race on the new Edison Nature Trail, Edison perseveres and captures first place in all 4 races!

In the 3.1 Mile Varsity race, Edison boys were 1st overall with 33 points followed by Big Red (46 points), Indian Creek (65 points), and Catholic Central (78 points).

Finishing for the Varsity Boys:

Gage Cable 1st (new course record)

Brock Koehnlein 6th

Evin Wedlake 7th

JJ Reynolds 9th

Blaine Hoobler 10th

Max McConnell 15th

Luke Linscott 16th

Dominic Grim 18th

The Varsity Girls team finished first with 26 points followed by Indian Creek (39 points) Steubenville Big Red (64 points), and Catholic Central.

Results for the Varsity Girls:

Josie Lesnansky 1st (new course record)

Annie Board 4th

Leila Cable 7th

Layla White 10th

Kennedy Baker 13th

Paige Somerville 14th

Natalie Lucas 21st

In the 2-mile Junior High Race, the Edison Boys and Girls teams were both first overall.

Nate Kline 1st (new course record)

Ronnie White 4th

Irvin Roman 5th

Noah Lucas 8th

Nik Kline 10th

Junior High Girls:

Lydia Krepps 1st (new course record)

Leah Hendrix 4th

Michelle Davis 6th

Monica Taylor 7th

Lucy Roth 11th

Luci Kruel 12th

Lanie Kruel 13th

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