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Wildcats Swim Tri Meet at Brooke

The Wildcats swam a tri-meet last night at Brooke along with East Liverpool. Facing some challenges with event entrance, the wildcats stepped up to swim some unfamiliar events.  Team scores for the Women: Brooke 90, Edison 41, East Liverpool 30, and for the Men: Brooke 79, Edison 56, East Liverpool 23.  Individual event placements were…

Women: 200 Medley Relay (3rd Frampton, Cable, Lucas, Speedy) 200 Freestyle (2nd Cable) 200 IM (2nd Lucas, 3rd Larkins)50 Freestyle (5th Westbrook, 6th Evans)100 Butterfly (3rd Speedy) 100 Freestyle (3rd Lucas, 4th Frampton) 500 Freestyle (2nd Speedy, 3rd Larkins)200 Freestyle Relay (7th Frampton, Evans, Westbrook, Cable)100 Backstroke (4th Frampton, 6th Westbrook)100 Breaststroke (1st Cable) 400 Freestyle Relay (3rd Speedy, Larkins, Evans, Lucas)

Men: 200 Medley Relay (2nd Buchanan, Larkins, Cable, Pudder) 200 Freestyle (1st Larkins, 3rd Chipps) 200 IM ( 2nd Buchanan, 3rd Pudder) 50 Freestyle (2nd Linscott, 6th Bernhart), 100 Butterfly (1st Cable) 100 Freestyle (2nd Pudder, 6th Chipps) 500 Freestyle (3rd Linscott) 200 Freestyle Relay (3rd Cable, Buchanan, Linscott, Pudder) 100 Backstroke (2nd Buchanan, 5th Bernhart)100 Breaststroke (1st Cable, 2nd Larkins) 400 Freestyle Relay (3rd Larkins, Bernhart, Chipps, Linscott)

The Wildcats will swim in the Red Devil Invitational on Saturday at Wheeling University.