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EHS Leadership Council Reads to Youngsters

Members of the Edison High School Leadership Council headed back to their old stomping grounds at Stanton and John Gregg Elementary Schools to read to youngsters on March 1 in celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

   Nine high school students visited the sites and shared some of Dr. Seuss’s classic stories to the little ones’ delight. Senior Emma LoPrete went to Stanton in Hammondsville with Hannah Russell, Cheyanne Coil, Abby Cunningham and Adali Roberts while Grace Browning, Becka Evans, Kylee Stull and Ali Shrieve made a stop at John Gregg in Bergholz. 

   “We came down to read to the kids and do activities,” LoPrete said. “We read to them last year.”

   She shared the tale “Are You My Mother?” about a baby bird that is searching for its missing parent and encounters animals and machines before finally having a happy reunion. Other classes enjoyed such classics as “The Cat in the Hat” while kids also had a chance to dress up as their favorite characters and dine on a breakfast of green eggs and ham in the cafeteria. But the reading activity was just one of many events the leadership council participates in at the schools.

   Advisor Greg Marsh, who currently shares duties with teacher Danah Beaver, said the council was formed during the 2022-23 along with Amy Bordash. This is the group’s second year and nearly three-dozen students are involved.

   “The purpose of Leadership Council is to create a positive atmosphere in our school district and in our community. We believe that a rising tide floats all boats. By highlighting the great things our students, teachers, administrators, support staff, former students and community members are doing, it not only recognizes deserving people but also shows appreciation,” Marsh said. “When people feel appreciated, it makes the world a better place, not just for the person or group being recognized, but for our group as well. Doing things for others is also a gift to yourself. We tell our members that ‘leaders’ don’t wait for the door to be opened for them. We look to open the door for others.”

   He noted that the council began with 30 members and presently has 35 juniors and seniors actively participating. Other activities have included delivering doughnuts to area first responders and EHS teachers; collecting items for a hat and glove drive plus hygiene products for local churches and the Friendship Room; creating appreciation cards for teachers as a way of thanking them for all that they do; creating a spirit wall outside the high school that honors individual student-athletes and teams, band and academics who achieve All-League, All-County or All-Ohio status; forming a new tradition for EHS seniors with a “Last First Day of School” picture frame as a keepsake for the students and their families; volunteering to be “buddy athletes” for the high school’s new unified sports teams; reading morning announcements at the high school; and establishing a social media presence for all the amazing things current and former students are accomplishing in the school and community.

   Visiting the elementary schools is just another way to spread the positive message and make a connection between the students.

   “Leadership members have read to the students and we have greeted the elementary students at the front door and stayed to eat breakfast with the kids,” Marsh said. “Our students have taken part in morning routines with the elementary students, which have included dancing, and members have also visited at lunch recess to play with the kids. Since EHS is a grade 7-12 building, our group plans to visit the sixth-grade classes in the coming months to talk about life at Edison High School. We know this can be a very scary experience for those students, and our group wants to help alleviate that stress as much as possible.”