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Wildcats Finish 3rd at BMC Meet in Oak Glen

The Junior High Girls and Boys Track & Field Teams both finish 3rd Place in a Buckeye Mountaineer Conference Quad Meet between Oak Glen, Weirton, Linsly School, and Edison, hosted by Oak Glen.

Junior High Track came up short against Oak Glen and Weirton, but defeated the Linsly School.

Girls overall scores:

Edison Wildcats 38, Linsly School Cadets 17, Oak Glen Golden Bears 91, Weir Middle Red Riders 78

Boys overall scores:

Edison Wildcats 39, Linsly School Cadets 23, Weir Middle Red Riders 89, Oak Glen Golden Bears 70 

Congratulations to Girls Event Champions Victoria Barcroft (400, 4×4), Riley Conkle (4×4), Aliya Glover (High Jump, 100, 4×4), and Emily Kireta (4×4).  Congratulations to Boys Event Champions Marcus Greene (4×8), Nate Kline (800, 1600, 4×8), Logan Roman Juarez (4×8), Ethan Warren (High Jump), and Ronnie White (4×8).

Girls Placers:

Victoria Barcroft – 1st in 400, 1st in 4×4, 2nd in 100 Hurdles

Teagan Basinger – 3rd in 4×1

Riley Conkle – 5th in 100, 3rd in 4×1, 1st in 4×4

Michelle Davis – 3rd in 4×8

Aliya Glover – 1st in High Jump, 1st in 100, 1st in 4×4

Leah Hendrix – 3rd in 4×8

Emily Kireta – 3rd in 1600, 3rd in 800, 1st in 4×4

Lillian Magby – 3rd in 4×1

Ellie Richards – 3rd in 4×8

Brea Shrieve – 3rd in 4×1

Monica Taylor – 3rd in 4×8

Boys Placers:

Zachary Clancey-Gump – 5th in Shot Put, 3rd in 4×1

Marcus Greene – 1st in 4×8, 2nd in 4×4

Nikolas Kline – 3rd in 4×1

Nathanael Kline II – 1st in 4×8, 1st in 1600, 1st in 800

Irvin Roman – 2nd in 800

Logan Roman Juarez – 1st in 4×8, 2nd in 4×4

Steven Vahalik – 2nd in 4×4

Ethan Warren – 1st in High Jump, 3rd in 400, 2nd in 4×4

Ronnie White – 1st in 4×8, 3rd in 4×1, 5th in 1600

Timothy Wiley – 3rd in 4×1

Full Results available at

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