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ECAT - Edison's Virtual Online School

Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!

ECAT is Edison Local’s 3-12 online school. Virtual Learning Academy (VLA), available for grades K-2. Students will be enrolled in the Edison Local School District, and have the opportunity to take their classes online.

Edison Local continues to meet the needs of all our students. We know the traditional classroom is not for all students and we want
to offer a different approach for those students.

Our online school will offer a more flexible opportunity for students who cannot attend school during the traditional school day. The online school allows students to work from home 24/7. ECAT will also give the students the opportunity to come to afterschool tutoring for assistance in the academic areas.


• Students will be given a Chrome Book with
tech support available.
• Receive an Edison Local diploma and walk
at graduation.
• Eligible to participate in Edison’s extra-curricular activities (Band, Choir, Sports, Dances).
• Face-to-face interaction with teacher available daily for assistance.
• Students with disabilities can receive assistance from an intervention specialist.
• Students who need credits to graduate can use the online school for Credit Recovery.
• Access to Guidance Counselors, career pathway specialists and Mental Health Services.