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Superintendent's Update
Second Semester

                Superintendent’s Message

   A new school year is upon us and Edison Local is gearing up to prepare students for successful futures. It is also our goal to return to a sense of normalcy as we prepare to open up our schools for classes.
     We will begin the school year with masks being optional. If as a parent you feel it is important for your child to have the extra layer of protection the Edison Local School District will support your choice and decision. We will continue  some of the health and safety protocols we have in place to keep our buldings and busses clean on a daily basis. We feel some of those practices are necessary and important for our students and staff.
     There is much to look forward to with new opportunities for learning, such as career pathways to meet our district’s slogan of  “Employ, Enlist and Enroll”–known as the “Three E’s”–to help students forge their own paths after graduation, as well as new facilities for school and community use.
      District Career Pathways Coach Leah Eft has been working closely with Edison High School and John Gregg and Stanton Elementary Schools to coordinate activities and get students interested in enrolling in college, enlisting in the military or employed in the workforce. The plan also gives kids a purpose in career planning and to be prepared with college and career readiness. EHS is also offering three career technical opportunities to our students. The district has a tradition of having a very successful Agribusiness and Production program, which will continue, but is updating the Information Technology program to form Interactive Media for the 2022-2023 school year. Information Support and Services were previously offered and focused on networking and security, and the change to Interactive Media enables students to take similar classes with an emphasis on media and design. This will help better meet their interests and not only provide for those with a  technological interest, but also those who would like to make art or marketing a career choice. Also new for this upcoming year will be the district’s Medical Bioscience Program. Survey results showed interest in the medical field and its many career options. These career pathways will offer students the training to be employed directly out of high school, and those who will be going on to post-secondary schooling will gain experience, background knowledge and terminology into their field of study. The Career Pathways, Agribusiness, Interactive Media and Medical Bioscience, will give our students the background and knowledge to achieve whichever of the “Three E’s” they choose. 
      In addition to schools reopening, new facilities are also available for use including the amenities at EHS’s Unified Sports Complex. The site boasts a new 1,500-seat fieldhouse, a multi-purpose field for football, soccer and track and ballfields for baseball and softball and offers a simple, safe solution for athletes who had to traverse the area to previously attend home games. In the past, the baseball and softball fields were located at Jefferson State Lake and track practice and meets as well as junior high basketball practice were held at Stanton. Meanwhile, an outdoor walking trail will be ready this fall for both students and community members. The estimated 1.5-mile path will wind from Cartwright Memorial Stadium into nearby woods and has the ability to reverse, so walkers can trek a total of three miles. That project is set for completion in late October.
      Again, welcome back and good luck to our students and athletes for the upcoming year. GO WILDCATS!

Bill Beattie

740 282 0065


Bill Beattie

Superintendent Edison Local Schools

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