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Superintendent's Fall 2019 Update

   Hello! I am Bill Beattie, superintendent of the Edison Local School District, and I am excited to welcome you back for another fantastic school year!

   Changes are continuing throughout our district with the ultimate goal of offering our students the best opportunities possible. We revamped our College Credit Plus program in 2019 and 14 seniors graduated with both a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree from Eastern Gateway Community College without ever leaving our campus. We hope to see even more students take full advantage of the program and secure a degree by the time they depart our hallowed halls.

     A new Information Technology (IT) career pathway also wrapped up its first year. This new pathway can help students obtain IT certifications, one of the certifications available is the widely sought after A+ certification. Upon completion of the necessary courses and passing of a web exam, our students can graduate high school and gain meaningful employment immediately.  

     The 2019-2020 school year will bring some new and exciting changes as our programs and course offerings continue to evolve. Beginning this school year, students at Edison High School will have the opportunity to take a First Aid/CPR class which will be taught by our own staff and result in American Red Cross certification. We will also be offering an officiating class to our students. Upon completion of this class they will have ability to officiate a variety of sports and will be able to use their knowledge to earn money immediately. We are very excited to add a new Career Pathway Specialist position to the district this year. This position is designed to help broaden students’ horizons so they may either enroll in a college or trade school, gain employment, or enlist in the military upon graduation. Our Career Pathway Specialist will be working with our students beginning in elementary school to help them make the best decisions that they can make as they navigate the many options offered by Edison Local Schools and the JVS.  The Career Pathway Specialist will also be working with local businesses, trade unions and other employers to set up opportunities for our students to be exposed to every opportunity possible to them.

     The district is also revising its five-year strategic plan to ensure success is plentiful, through continued improvements to curriculum, buildings and technology. This new strategic plan will be available for our district stakeholders to review and provide feedback on in September.  To that end, renovations have also been completed at Edison High School, including construction of a new track around the exterior of the soccer field ready to host events this spring. A new cafeteria floor has also been added at the high school along with upgrades in the auditorium, including new drywall, ceiling tiles and paint plus a new projection system and screen to enhance video quality. Additionally, the preschool classroom at Stanton Elementary School has been expanded to incorporate classes into one central location and new playground equipment will also be onsite at both Stanton and John Gregg Elementary come September.

    There is always something new and exciting happening at Edison Local Schools, so join me as we look ahead to another wonderful year!                               

Bill Beattie


Bill Beattie

Superintendent Edison Local Schools