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Stanton Leadership

Mrs. Shannah Scotch, Principal at Stanton Elementary School, has been with Edison Local Schools for one year. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching from Youngstown State University, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida and received her

Superintendent’s Credentials/Licensure from Ashland University. Her primary responsibilities include implementing policies, programs, curriculum, activities and budgets for the Stanton Elementary students and staff. Mrs. Scotch enjoys the high level of commitment and passion shared by the entire Edison community. She can be reached at or 330-532-1594.

Mrs. Megan McNear serves as the Elementary Guidance Counselor for Stanton Elementary School. She can be reached at or 330-532-1594.

Stanton Elementary School

14890 SR 213
Hammondsville, OH 43930

A Message from Mrs. Scotch

Dear Families and Community Members of Stanton Elementary:

As we welcome in the cold weather and holiday season, we are excited about approaching the second half of the school year. It is amazing that the school year is nearing the halfway mark. As I review student data and the progress made by students to date, I wanted to mention a few reminders that are worth sharing, which contribute to successful outcomes for students.

The first is attendance. Most students who make consistent progress or do extremely well have great attendance. They are present at school almost every day and they are on time. Both of these are very important to learning. We certainly understand that students do sometimes get sick and there is the need for some absences; however, there is a lot to be learned every moment of every school day. Not to mention, we love when your child is with us and learning.

The second is participation. Students who are performing well in the classroom are actively engaged. I can see it in my visits to classrooms, through the comments made by teachers to our students and in the behaviors and Social/Emotional growth aspects of learning that all play a vital role in overall student success.  I very much recommend that all parents encourage active participation in class.

The third is directly connected to many of our Books of the Month and Morning Meetings, which is perseverance. The ability and willingness to take on a challenge and stick with it is so very important; it is part of learning and more importantly, it is a part of life. We want to encourage all of our students to do their best, even when things are challenging – this is how they will accomplish great things! Our most successful students continue to work hard even when things seem challenging.

Last, but certainly not the least, is our ability, as a school family, to reach higher every single day by being Respectful, Responsible and Safe. These three qualities are deeply rooted into our learning environment and we take great pride in modeling who we are at Stanton. Our staff and students know that we represent more than our classrooms and school; we represent Edison and we are so PROUD to be a Wildcat!

Thank you for your continued support! May you have a holiday season that is full of peace and fellowship with others.

Educationally yours,

Mrs. Shannah Scotch, Principal

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